Scale Up Laboratary Mixers

1. Labor Pilot
2. Process Pilot

1. Labor Pilot


IKA offers the most versatile inline mixer for laboratory or pilot plant work. The innovative design can be converted to six different types of mixing devices. A wide variety of mixing tool options add to the flexibility of this truly unique design. Additional accessories allow you to expand the capabilities even further. A controller allows for easy speed adjustment, to tailor the shear rate to the application requirements, and also has timer and temperature functions. Pumps, solid feeders, and other accessories can be added to create a continuous system. Vessels and stirrers are also available for a batch or recirculation type system.

Technical Specifications:  
• Inlet/Outlet Connection: 1”/0.75” Tri-Clamp
• Standard Motor: Stainless Steel, 2 hp, 230/460 VAC, 3600 rpm
• Nominal Output Speed: 7900 rpm
• Min/Max Output Speed: 3,140/13,765 rpm
• Nominal Flow = 1.5 gpm (350 l/h)
• Max Pressure = 40 psi
• Optional 3 hp Motor, explosion proof
• Optional Generators: 2P, 2G, 6F
• Standard Generator: 4M (medium)
 * Other voltages available upon request


Powder/Liquid mixer has a unique, patented design that minimizes aeration and can disperse high concentrations of difficult to wet out solids, even in viscous liquids.   Powder/Liquid mixer creates a vacuum that draws in the solids and blends, all in one step  
Cone mill utilizes a tungsten carbide mixing tool for wet milling extremely hard materials   Colloid mill has a three stage mixing tool for efficient wet milling.
Three stage high shear mixer has four different mixing tool options that can be interchanged in any stage, offering maximum flexibility.   The basic machine consists of a single stage high shear mixer and offers four different interchangeable mixing tool options.    



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