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IKA ® magic LAB ®  
A new dispersing and mixing system allows the quick and cost favorable development of different processes for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, chemical and food industry. The laboratory machine magic LAB offers a great variety of applications for most different mixing and particle size reduction processes.



Easy and variable mixing in the laboratory range


A new dispersing and mixing system allows the quick and cost favorable development of different processes for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, chemical and food industry. The laboratory machine magic LAB® offers a great variety of applications for most different mixing and particle size reduction processes.


The magic LAB® can be used for the most different mixing processes due to a great number of working modules.


Chemical products normally consist of mixtures of different raw materials. Dispersing systems are often used to homogenize the different substances. Wet or fine millings for the production of emulsions and pastes or the suspensions of different powders in liquids are a few examples for the multiple applications of such systems. The magic LAB® of Messrs. IKA® offers a great variety of applications for a great number of mixing and particle size reduction processes.

The basic machine is equipped with the single stage inline dispersing module ULTRA-TURRAX®.
The ULTRA-TURRAX® is used any time when normal stirring or mixing is not sufficient, e.g. in case of insufficient stability of the mixing product, if the liquids to be mixed have very different viscosities or for acceleration of solution. Compared to a conventional stirrer the mixing time is reduces by up to 50%.

Using the respective module, the magic LAB® can also be used in batch operation, which is mainly interesting for smallest quantities. It allows a quick estimation of the necessary shear force or rheological changes such as structure or viscosity. Depending on the application, the basic unit can be modified quickly with different working modules. The modification only needs a few manipulations; it does not require special tools or a special training of the laboratory personnel.  


The system can be modified quickly to the required application.


For finer size reduction of the particles the machine can easily be converted into a multiple stage high capacity dispersing machine using the module DISPAX-REACTOR®. Already one passage of the product through the machine results in a narrow particle size distribution. This guarantees for an optimum homogeneity and stability of the produced emulsions or suspensions.
The magic LAB® with module colloid or cone mill allows wet resp. fine milling of hard and granular raw materials as well as the production of finest emulsions and pastes. The heart of the modules MK and MKO are two cones that can be shifted one against the other without modification of the machine. The milling gap and thus the flow as well as the friction can be adjusted infinitely.
The incorporation of powders or granules into liquids is another application of the magic LAB®. For batch mixing the module CMS is used. It creates a vacuum at the powder inlet, by which the powder is sucked directly and only meats the liquid in the machine. It enables a quick, dust and lump free incorporation of a great number of powders into liquids. With a recirculation line the system can very well be used for enrichment processes.

The MHD-module enables a continuous production of dispersions in a procedure similar to that of the CMS-module. In case of MHD the mixing relation of solid and liquid is volumetrically or gravimetrically controlled. Depending on the product characteristics dispersions with viscosities up to 50 000 mPas or with a very high solids content can be achieved.
(Equipped as Micro-Plant, the system can be operated in recirculation process with a temperature of 80°C (120°C for a short period of time) and a working pressure of 2.5 bars.  


The magic LAB® can be extended to a complete Micro- Plant using a single or multi-stage dispersing module or the colloid resp. cone mill module. The Micro-Plant can be used for development of formulations and processes as well as for determination of the suitable tool. Moreover, different process parameters like e.g. speed, shear rage, temperature, pressure and time can be optimized.

The vessel for the Micro-Plant can be equipped with a double jacket for heating or cooling of the product. Under continuous duty product temperatures up to 80°C and a working pressure of 2.5 bars are allowed. For short time operation the temperature can be increased up to 120°C. A motor power of 900 W allows a max. Speed of 26.000 min -1 and a capacity of max. 120 l/h.

A cable connects the laboratory plant to the operation and info centre. The info centre consists of a screen on which the operation data like speed, torque and temperature are clearly and operator friendly arranged.

All relevant set values and the timer can easily be adjusted via the arrow push-buttons and the plant is ready for operation with only a few manipulations.

 The magic LAB® is delivered in a transport box with rolls (Lx W x H = 300 x 460 x 400 mm). This transport box also houses the power supply, and the different modules can be stored in pre-moulded drawers. The laboratory bench thus remains clean and cleared.

This laboratory plant offers a wide range of applications due to its different modules. The magic LAB® can be used in the most different branches, e.g. in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industry. Especially standard applications like water-in-oil (W/O) and oil-in-water (O/W) emulsions but also suspensions of a great number of solids in liquids can be produced, treated and tested with methods comparable to those of mass production. There is an extremely wide range of possible products, reaching from different tensides, over food to cosmetics and body care products, but also medicines and different chemical products. The magic LAB® has mainly be designed for use in R&D departments or as a pilot plant for the production of very small quantities. The results achieved with this laboratory plant can be transferred to bigger plants. For an easy scale-up different machines with equivalent design and many constant working parameters are offered for nearly any capacity.