When it comes to chemical research and analysis, controlling the devices and documenting the data have always been the two most important tasks. Demands regarding the precision and clear depiction of these test results have only increased. The documentation of numerous parameters for the purpose of analysis, validation, controlling or automation, will surely gain importance in the future. The PC or laptop has replaced the classic recorder in the lab, as suitable software is able to competently carry out the controlling and documentation of lab experiments. Technological advances have become necessary due to the specifications, norms, and high quality demands, which ISO 9000, for example, requires.

Product | C 5040 CalWin
PC control and evaluation software for all IKA® calorimeters
(C 200, C 2000, C 5000, C 7000, C 4000).
requires a PC running any of the following operating systems:
Windows 95 / 98 / ME / NT / 2000 or XP, and at least one free serial interface
and 50 MB of available disk space.

-Control, monitor and view working procedures
-Print and save measurement protocols
-Identify and record samples
-Administration of sample racks C 5020
-Flexible administration and evaluation of calibrations
-Flexible administration and grouping of measurements


-Printing and saving calibration and result protocols
suitable for certification
-Library functions
-Data transfer through COM to EXCEL and ACCESS
-Preprocessed work sheets for EXCEL (configarable
by the user)

consisting of:
C 5040 CalWin
C 5041.10 conecting cable


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