IKA's service department, with its team of experienced longtime employees, repairs all lab and analytical devices. Service locations are available globally with the following advantages:
  • Repairs within five business days
  • The use of original IKA spare parts under warranty ensures a long life-span of the devices
  • Free equipment evaluation. We prepare a detailed cost estimate with itemization of spare parts and labor for your approval
  • Electrical safety test of the repaired device
  • Software update - if technically possible
  • In the event of a device malfunction within the warranty period, we guarantee reshipment of the repaired or (if need be) new device within three business days
  • While waiting for the repair, a replacement device may be made available
  • In the event of economically unviable repairs, a comparable new device can be offered

For calorimeter repairs, IKA will perform the pressure vessel test based on the PED (pressure equipment directive) 97/23/EG free of charge. An inspection certificate automatically comes with the reshipment. You are only responsible for normal repair parts and labor.

Maintenance for calorimeters:  
A calorimeter's life span is increased with regular maintenance. Periodic replacement of working parts and inspection of the system components will ensure few downtimes for your calorimeter. Depending on the type of application and the sample volume, several different maintenance intervals can be arranged. For maintenance and service, it is recommended that you use IKA authorized service departments only. Professional support will ensure the longevity of your calorimeter.

For calorimeter service, please contact one of the following IKA offices:

Germany   00 8000 4524357 (00 8000 IKAHELP)
United States   +1 910 685 4210
Malaysia   +60 3 6099 5666
Japan   +81 743 58 4611
China   +86 20 8222 6771
India   +91 80 26253900 - 26253999
Mexico   +1 910 452 7059 Ext. 207
Brazil   +55-(19)-3877-2399