IKA offers training services either on-site with you, or at one of our global locations. Together with our application specialists, we will discuss your questions and applications, in order to find the perfect solution for your process.

IKA training specialists assist with both applications and equipment. Once certain you are using the proper equipment for you application, we will help you to thoroughly understand proper use and care of your IKA equipment. Our regular training sessions will teach you operation, history, service and repair skills for your equipment. IKA certified technicians are happy to provide training sessions that work with your busy schedule.

We offer an on-site installation service with instructions for our more involved products, such as calorimeter systems and lab reactors. Installation for other products is available by request.

Our affiliates will also provide training, if desired. Simply get in touch with the branch responsible for supporting you.


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China   +86 20 8222 6771
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