Fantastically Great Stirrers


IKA launches a new tongue-in-cheek product video

IKA launched a new video as part of the "stirrers" product group. Similar to the first magnetic stirrer video, the new clip is an emotional tongue-in-cheek story illustrating the strength and features of the devices. The film, close to two minutes long, can also be viewed at

The young lab assistant, entering the old “mixing lab supply” store with a spring in his step, is pretty demanding: he wants a stirrer. It has to be “something really great, something safe – simply the best!” He is dismissed by the old shopkeeper and grumpily gets shown the door – the door that leads to the Land of Dreams. As it turns out, this is where the real spread is: a wonderfully versatile selection of stirrers, all in blue, attractively presented by an angelic saleswoman. Her kiss is what finally brings the lab assistant back to reality and proves to him: these great, safe stirrers actually IKA.

From the small lab stirrer to the pilot device on to process plant scale, IKA innovatively designed, microprocessor-controlled electronics and high-performance stirrers cover nearly the entire range of viscosities. Most units are equipped with an interface for labworldsoft. Safety features include: height-adjustable agitator shaft protection and electronic overload protection which automatically turns off the device.

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