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From single machines to modular lines all the way to complete systems - IKA® offers the entire spectrum. IKA® products are known worldwide for their high level of quality and fulfil high demands when it comes to functionality, technology and aesthetics.

The optimization of production processes is worked out and individual solution concepts are developed at the IKA® pilot plant station in close collaboration with the customer.

IKA® offers it all: From machine design to prototype development to the building of production machines including after-sales services. The IKA® Technical Assistance Service works closely with customers to optimize production processes and to develop customized designs. IKA® is a one-stop supplier offering everything you need from design, prototype development, and production to after-sales service.

1. Polymer Modified Bitumen (PMB)

Polymer modified bituminous materials can bring real benefits to highway maintenance/construction, in terms of better and longer lasting roads, and savings in total road life costing.

The term polymer basically means a combination of a large number of similar smaller molecules or “monomers” into large molecules or “polymers”. The main polymers used to modify bitumen are:

- Natural Rubber
- Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene (SBS)
- Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA)
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2. RND Plant for bitumen application  
This is a continuous process with continuous dosing and incorporation of polymers (SBS/EVA) and bitumen into the inline IKA® Dispax Reactor DR 2000 PB. Because of intensive mixing at high shear finest dispersion is achieved in a single pass. Homogenized finished product is directly and continuously transferred to storage. The process provides for a lot of flexibility and production time is reduced by more than 60 percent.
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3. Pilot Scale  

Scaling up method from R&D and laboratory-based formulation to
Industrial scale manufacturing.

For pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food, petrochemical &
Chemical industries

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4. Master Plant  

For pharmaceutical application [FDA standard]
- Available for 10 to 4,000L/ Customisation on request

• Pharmaceuticals
• Cosmetics
• Food and beverages
• Chemicals
• Colours, lacquers and distaffs

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4. Standard Production Plant  

For all basic operations requiring mixing & dispersing technology
- Available for 25 to 4,000L

• Pharmaceuticals
• Cosmetics
• Food and beverages
• Chemicals
• Colours, lacquers and distaffs

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